Buttons’ Spring Update

10 April 2018

Since I last put my paws to the keyboard, I cannot tell you how many doggie dates I have been invited on- fame at last! Spring is in the air and with that the hint of a bit of romance. A girl has to have a bit of fun whilst at the same time making sure the boss at Kingairloch is getting on with running this amazing playground I call home.

Buttons the border terrier blending into her surroundings

I blend in so well, I bet it takes you at least a couple of seconds to spot me in this photograph!

First, I better update you with work and news from my wanderings, we can then get to the juicy bits……

The Boathouse has opened for the season and Aimie is doing a wonderful job. There has been the odd teething issue, but that’s not got her flustered at all. The menu is looking fantastic with lots of delights that you humans I hear rave about all the time. Apparently the Kingairloch venison burger is très bien (sadly I wouldn’t know as no scraps have headed my way…..yet…..) . Here’s a link to the reviews on TripAdvisor.

The Boathouse Bistro

The Boathouse Bistro, they say that the Venison Burgers are delicious. 

Did you know that at this time of year the stags are shedding their antlers and they make THE BEST doggie treats. If you are out exploring the estate and you come across one, do take them home for your four legged friends-they will love you FOREVER (chop them into doggie sizes and round the sharp edges first). If you can’t pick up your own antler, the boss does sell dog sized antler chews in her gift shop at the house.

Cast antlers make great dog chews

Cast antlers make the best dog chews

I have had so much fun watching the improvements to the track to Seaview Cottage over the winter. It is such a mega improvement, it now means the boss can drive to the cottage in a car and not her Range Rover. Mind you, I do adore being driven about in the beast. After checking in with the boss at Kingairloch House, visitors can head straight over to the cottage in their own vehicle (unless they’ve come in a Porsche or Lamborghini). There’s still sheep in the fields, so gates have to kept shut and like me, doggies have to be kept on leads.

The main purpose for upgrading the track is for our new micro hydro that is being built in the corrie behind Seaview Cottage. Once commissioned, this little beaut will be able to produce enough power for 100 homes; pretty amazing stuff don’t you think? The boss is making sure that disturbance is kept to a minimum for guests and the local building firm, Corrigan Contractors is being very good at keeping the noise down. They are a super friendly bunch and one of the digger drivers gave me a biscuit the other day. If it’s safe, do stop and say hello as they love to chat about the work that they’re doing.

Corrigan contractors working at Kingairloch

We’ve had some pretty big machines working at Kingairloch over the winter. 

The boss has started getting B&B visitors staying in Kingairoch House again. I love having new people to go and ask for chin rubs. So far we have guests in who love hill walking and came to walk the Glengalmadale Horseshoe. This is a wonderful walk for the super keen hillwalkers, read about the route on Steve Fallon’s blog. You can see for miles, did you know that there is an aircraft crash site on Creach Bheinn? If you would like to find out more, here is the crash report.

I always love seeing the first yachts sail into Loch a’Choire. It means the better weather is finally on it’s way. There are five free moorings in total and it always surprises me how many yachties bring their doggies with them. I think I’d feel rather green if I had to be on one, constantly bobbing up and down, not my bowl of water at all. If you do come by yacht, do pop in to see Aimie at The Boathouse for a cuppa, or maybe a glass of vino. They’re licensed for “take outs” as well, so you can always take a bottle with you back to your boat and enjoy from your own deck swinging on the mooring.

It won’t be long before the hills will be green and the moorings full up with visitors

Now, back to my amorous rendezvouses. There is quite the dish called Dave now living on the estate. Phwaaarrrr. He’s a poodle/bichon frise and he is settling in rather well to life at Kingairloch. We’ve yet to have a proper doggy date, but from what I can see, I like a lot of what I see……I promise to keep you updated on our blossoming romance. Mind you, he probably doesn’t know I exist.

Cute poodle/bichon frise

The latest resident at Kingairloch (photo from Rebecca Mackellar)

I must be off as it’s time to go and say hello to our new arrivals in the holiday cottages. Last week we had a family staying in Elastic Cottage who have been coming to that cottage for 10 years. Having guests return for that many of years must mean Kingairloch really is a special place on Earth.

Bye for now,


Buttons paw print

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