Buttons in the window

A day in the life of Buttons the Border Terrier

1 December 2017

Many of our visitors know Susan’s border terrier; she is quite a character and loves meeting you all. For a doggy life, hers is rather special. With that in mind, here is a little window into the life of Buttons.

Hello, my name is Buttons. Woof woof. I’m going to share with you a typical day I have living at Kingairloch. I’m a very lucky doggy to live in these hills and I hope you enjoy reading about the antics I get up to.

Susan with Buttons

That’s me with the Boss

6:30 a.m The boss wakes up; rudely awakening me out of my dreams. Last night I was dreaming of swimming in the rivers, I can never catch those fish! It’s not all bad though, I’m let out into the garden and I have my first sniffs of the day around the garden.

7:00a.m WHHHOOPPPIIEE I have found the BEST rolling patch. This is just superb, I’m not sure what it is, but oh my I am smelling pretty fine. It’s on my shoulders, on my back over my bum. Ahhh, its coming back to me, its a present from a ginger friend.

The walled garden hens have a pretty spectacular coop too

Oh wait, I hear the boss opening up the Walled Garden, I better go and make sure the hens are all accounted for………Yup, they’re all there. Although I love my ginger friend for leaving presents for me, I know he fancies one of these feathered ladies.

8:00a.m  I hear my breakfast bowl getting filled up. Yuuuummyy. But wait, The boss isn’t giving it to me….she’s holding her fingers on her nose……why is she doing that? I smell AMAZING. Instead the sink is getting filled and I can see the shampoo coming out, uh oh I get lifted into the sink and I’m soon lathered-up covered in bubbles. Eventually I get my biscuits. Humph.

Buttons in the window

I rather like this viewpoint of the garden

9:00a.m The boss has opened up that computer thing and is reading what she calls “e-mails”. I much prefer the proper mail as I love our local postie, she gives me gravy bones….ahhhh gravy bones…… Well, whilst the boss types away, I sit up in the window in the dining room watching the birds on the feeder. We’ve got siskins and chaffinches today.

Garden birds at Kingairloch

I almost get hypnotised watching the birds on the feeder

11:00a.m Looks like the e-mails are done, the wellies are on and the lead is out- where are we off to today? Oh, it’s into the Range Rover this could be fun! I love driving about in the car, I feel just like lady of the manor.

We stop to have a chat with Bobby and he says the sheep got out last night so he’s having to go and round them all up. Sometimes I wish I was a sheep dog……Maybe my ginger friend had something to do with the sheep escaping? Anyhow, the boss drives on to The Steadings as we had new guests arrive late last night.

Bedroom in The Steadings

The Steadings is one of my favourites, lots of great doggie walks from here

Out she pops and I stay put in my nice warm car. It’s starting to rain now and I don’t fancy getting wet. The boss tells me it’s the first time the guests in The Steadings have stayed at Kingairloch. We do get a lot of first timers, but I prefer the ones who have been before; they sometimes give me a lovely rub between my ears and if I smile sweetly I sometimes get a treat too!!

1:00p.m Its time for the boss’ lunch, I don’t get any as she says that I have a good covering- whatever that means…..

I can hear her on the phone and it sounds like its Katrina on the other end. They’re going over the week’s guests and what houses need to be changed over at the weekend. There’s also chat about the new micro hydro. Now this is going to be an exciting project. I’m not all that up to speed on it, but I know there’s going to be improved paths, bridges and of course more green energy being made from all this rain that comes out the sky!

The new micro hydro at Kingairloch

Exciting times ahead, this is where our next micro hyrdo will be.

3:00pm  Must’ve drifted off to sleep there. The AGA in the kitchen is just perfect on these cold wet days. The boss has put my bed next to it and it’s got a perfect groove in it from where I snuggle down. I can hear a coat being put on, reckon its WALKIES. It get’s dark so early at this time of year that in about an hour it will be totally dark. We head out towards Home Farm to see if all the sheep are back in their field.

This is the tailrace from the big SSE hydro-lots of water in the river!

With all this rain, the big SSE hydro has been running a lot. That is one huge hydro 3.7mW. Being selfish, it is all the footpaths that were built afterwards that I love the most. Every day my walkies change and throughout the year I see so many different things. The purple Heather in the Summer always looks so much fun to play in, in my imagination it is a soft purple cloud, but when I jump through it all I get is twigs in my mouth…..

4:00pm Back in front of the AGA and the boss has fired up the laptop again. This time she’s got a warm mug of tea on the go as it has been a rather damp day today. There’s a knock on the door and I let out a wee bark. It looks like we may have some drop-in B&B guests tonight. The boss welcomes in the weary travellers, they say they’ve come down from Skye, they would have phoned but they had no signal. Oh well, we’ve got plenty of room and it looks like I’ll be having a little chin rub tonight.

The Eriska Bedroom, my favourite.

6:00p.m The boss has offered to cook a meal for the travellers. It is quite a long drive to the nearest pub in Strontian and since they’ve been on the road all day, she says she’s happy to cook. Maybe I’ll get a wee treat? Well whilst she’s cooking I’m tucked up in bed and the smells are driving me mad. Smells like venison….

7:00p.m The guests are tucking into their venison steaks and the boss and I head out to shut the chickens away. Better luck next time foxy.

8:00pm Ahhhh the fire is lit and the lounge is just a heaven of relaxation. The guests are quite full after their venison steaks and there was a little bit left in the pan for me. I’m in such a warm happy place that I drift in and out of sleep having my chin tickled by my new friends. It won’t be long until bed, so I’m making the most of this.

Kingairloch House Lounge

Sat with the firing going in the winter is my doggie heaven.

10:00p.m One last trip out to the garden, now where was that amazing rolling patch? Rats, the boss has come out too with a torch, looks like I’ll have to wait until tomorrow before I can have another delightful roll.


We hope you have enjoyed reading about the antics of Buttons. As you can see she is one busy doggie! You’re four legged friends are welcome in our self catering cottages, who knows what adventures they could have on their holidays! If you would like to book a stay in our self catering cottages or the bed and breakfast, you can do so via our website or send the office an email. 

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