Making the most of a short break at Kingairloch

All of our self catering properties (with the exception of The Steadings) allow short breaks; either from a Monday-Friday or a Friday-Monday. So, if you are planning a road trip through Scotland or can only manage a few nights away, why not consider a stay in one of our charming cottages.

A popular cottage for short breaks, The Old Post Office

A popular cottage for short breaks is The Old Post Office.

There are so many things you can pack into a short break at Kingairloch and in this blog I’m going to try and put into words how a short break can be enough to repair and recharge your mind, body and soul. I manage the online aspects for Kingairloch from my home in rural Somerset with my husband Rob and son George; however Kingairloch will always be known as “home” as it is where I grew up.  A few weeks ago we popped up to Kingairloch and had a wonderful mini break immersed in the silence and beauty of the estate.

Travelling with a baby to Kingairloch

Katrina, Rob and George making the most of a short trip to Kingairloch

It was amazing how just four nights away made us all feel recharged; even with a six month old baby in tow!  Although we were doing a few “jobs” to help Susan out, we found time to enjoy the beauty of the estate and make the most of our short trip. Here are a few highlights that I would urge anyone to do if they can only manage a few nights at Kingairloch.

Enjoy time without a phone

In todays world, it is hard to turn your phone off. But I would highly recommend having time without digital interaction with the wider world. If you still want to capture the beauty of the estate, why not put your phone into flight mode? You can still snap away, but there will be no browsing the internet or checking emails.

Get your blood pumping

I am the first to admit I love to dawdle, but why not for a short spell have a bit of a power walk or head up into the hills to get your heart rate up.

The health benefits are numerous and if you do manage to get up into the hills, the views are a tremendous reward for your hard work. If you would like a guide, we are happy to arrange someone from Kingairloch to take you out into the hills.

Hone your stone skimming skills

Who doesn’t love walking along the foreshore trying to find the perfect skimming stone? On the beach near Kingairloch Church, you can find plenty of skimmers and spend hours counting how many skims you get. Rather frustratingly Rob is a lot better than me, but practice makes perfect!

View Overlooking loch linnhe

Take a stroll along the foreshore to find the perfect skimming stone.

Settle down to a good book

In all of the holiday cottages we provide a wide choice of books, so you don’t need to even bring a holiday read with you.  To have time to just sit and read can be really calming for the soul. If you don’t manage to finish a borrowed book, don’t worry; you’re welcome to take it home and post back to us.

There are so many other things you can do to make the most of a short break. However, the most important thing come rain or shine is to relax, enjoy the beautiful scenery and have time to reconnect with yourself and those who you have gone on holiday with.


Written by: Katrina Lintott